Monday, January 25, 2010

A real update

Well, it's been hard to get on the computer, sit down, and actually get this done. But I'm doing it. Oh I'm doing it. So I think I need to go back all the way to Thanksgiving... We started out at my family's house. So... meal #1. Naturally there was turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn etc. Then about an hour or two later, we went to Justin's family's house. Meal #2 was the same. Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn etc. We then went on to have Thanksgiving dessert at their house as well. I can't remember if I had any or not, because I was in a state of total fullness. Anyway, it was a really good holiday. Our first 'major' holiday.
Once December hit though, the real fun started. We were studying for finals, getting homework done, birthday parties, and attending family parties. One wednesday we had the "Ham Dinner" or whatever it's called at Eric Smith's house. Friends, Ham, and white elephant gifts. Then, the Friday before Justin's birthday, his friends met us and we ate at Lanikai Grill. It was quite tastey. Then we had the Jex family party the following Saturday afternoon, and then the Greenwall family party that evening. It really wasn't that bad. Lots of presents, and yummy food. The next day, we went to Justin's family's house to have his birthday dinner. More food, more presents. Monday, which was Justin's birthday, night we went to dinner with Justin's parents to Ruby River. Naturally, more food. By that time, finals were done, and we were relaxing as much as possible. For Christmas Eve, we went to my parents house. We had our traditional steak dinner with artichoke, and for those who want them, king crab legs. After dinner, we had our book contest, in which Lori took 1st, Christy took 2nd, and I took 3rd. We're awesome. Then we had the nativity, and we all got presents from my mom and dad. Nighttime came, and we all went home. Justin and I wanted our own Christmas, so we had a tree with presents under it and everything. That morning we got up at about 8, opened presents, and then went to his parents. We had a big breakfast, and got even more presents. Then we went home to recover, and then went to his grandma and grandpa Larson's for some lunch. There we got some more presents! I swear, we were taken care of this year. After the lunch, we went to my parent's for our last gift exchange with my brothers and sisters. After that, we were done. Totally full to the brim from eating ALL THE TIME, and exhausted from running around everywhere. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what that feels like.
Then New Years rolled around, and we started it off at my brother Bret's house. We ate pizza benders and salad. Yummmmmmm. Our original plans were to continue the night with the Best's, but we were full, and we were tired. Unfortunately we backed out, and just finished the night at Bret's.
We had a nice little break from things to do and special occasions. But then my birthday came around, and we went to my parents, then to dinner, and then to his parents within that week. Again, more presents. It's been an awesome year, and I wouldn't change it for anything. Not because I got so many awesome things, but because I really felt loved and accepted into my new family. I really appreciate everything that they've done for me, and continue to do for me. They are a wonderful example of what I want to be.