Monday, June 28, 2010

One year down, eternity to go.

So on the 16th, we celebrated our one year anniversary! Justin did really good. We decided that we're going to take turns with planning, and this year was Justin's turn. He left for 'work' wednesday morning before I'd gotten up (really he just went to his parents to do some homework), and then I left for work at 9. When I got home at 12, there were flowers on the stairs along with a card, and some passes to Lagoon! Since we went to Disneyland and Six Flags on our honeymoon, it was his recreation, Utah style. But because the weather wasn't the best, we decided to wait and go later. We went to lunch together, and spent the rest of the day with each other. It was awesome. I can't believe that it's been a year already. Time has flown by! We've definitely fought, and we've definitely had some really funny moments, but every day I learn more about him, and I continue to love him more each day! Even though it may not seem like it =)

Other than our anniversary... nothing too awesome has happened. Haha SO I will update when something else awesome happens.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Relief Society

Imagine that... I actually get to go! We're doing service, tying quilts and decorating boxes.
OH MY LAND. The boxes are for the hospital for when a child dies. They put the child's things in the box, and give it to the parents. How stinking sad is that?
I have to admit though, I'm really excited to go. I want to actually become a part of the ward, not just be a primary teacher. I'm pretty sure too, that 99% of the ward doesn't know us, so this is a good way to get to know people.
Last week at Bunco (yes, I went and played) I made a new friend. That was nice haha! Someone that is actually the same age as we are, but they're just a little more advanced in life than we are. But it's all good. They're really cool.
I've started babysitting for the summer, and I can already tell I'm going to need a lot of sunscreen and a lot of energy.

On the flip side, I'm making excellent progress in Lonesome Dove!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


That was a great Sunday! It isn't over quite yet, either. Granted it's 10 pm, but I'm a night owl, and the possibilities for tonight are endless!

Tomorrow I start babysitting. I'm really excited because the kids are cool, as are the parents. I'm thinking that we'll get along great.

Just a week and a half until Justin and I have been married a year. How crazy is that?! It went by so fast. A year ago today I went through the temple, and we saw Kari and Sarah there.

Ten days and counting.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh man... I suck at this haha

I promise, I'm going to get better. I am going to add some more pictures, and I'm going to give a great update! I guess we should go back a few weeks, or a couple of months...

More photos from the four-wheel drive trip - Lindsey this is for you =)

This is just one of the many stupid competitions my brothers do. It was really funny though...

Because my dad got Adam!

Then Jack didn't react quite the way I was expecting when I said, "I see London, I see France..."

And just like usual, Jess took it to the next level.

This is Gemini Bridges. There was a memorial for a kid that had fallen, and died. It was a little upsetting for my nephew.

Me and my girls =) They're getting SO BIG. Give it a few months, and Ciera will pass me. Then it's just a matter of time for the other two. Sigh.

Another one of the cool places. I forget the name... Balancing Rock or something like that. haha

This was just along the road we were on, and we stopped to play. Pictures can't show JUST how high up it was. It was almost sickening.

This made us all nervous... and sick.

This is a park in Moab, and it's amazing! It's just full of musical instruments! Honestly, it was the coolest thing that I'd pretty much ever seen.

But like I said... that was over a month ago. Since then, we've done a lot more. We went to St. George with Justin's family for Brett's graduation. GO BRETT! We saw Brian Regan, went to Zion's, spent some time swimming, went to Mongolian ,>

Then, the next weekend was San Rafael Swell. What a weekend. We got there roughly 5:00 pm, and it was wiiiiindy. The wind would come and go, but mostly came. We hiked a little around the camp, and looked at the pictographs (whatever they are) that we'd missed on the drive in, which honestly I have no idea how we missed them. But it was fun. We got the tents set up, matress set up, and then went and sat by the fire. Well, come bedtime, we get in our tent, and there's sand all over everything. We tried to tough it out for a little while, but I thought Justin was going to scream. So needless to say we ended up in our Jeep at about midnight, as did everyone else aside from Johnny and Kelly, but they have a $600 tent... it's a little better. Saturday we hiked some more, went down to the river and the bridge was covered with someone's ranting about how much N'SYNC sucked. I mean, it was ALL OVER the bridge... it kind of made me wonder.... anyway. After we were done there, we went to my parent's cabin in Fairview. Matresses, showers, and NO WIND. It was really nice. It was a fun weekend, just that dang wind!

All in all, it's been a good couple of months. I quit my night job which has allowed me to spend a LOT of time with my husband, which I really needed. Now my job at the elementary is almost over, and babysitting begins. I'm excited, but nervous. Just because of the unknown...

Our one year anniversary is coming up. How weird is that? Time flew by. It hasn't always been easy, but I'm finding that I love my husband more and more everyday.