Monday, October 10, 2011

I get kind of worried

Earlier today while sitting at my desk, I was listening to some ladies (GASP! ladies in the tech department?!) talk to a guy I sit by, and they made the comment of, "Why is it so stinky down here?"

Well this bothered me.

Because I can't smell it.


This is a problem. So I immediately went and talked to my boss about smells that don't give him headaches, and I immediately put something out. Which I don't think is going to do the trick, because I can't smell it. Granted, it was from the dollar store, so who knows how well it will work, but I think I am going to invest in some spray. Hopefully that will remove some of the smell, or at least cover it up for a little while. Just something that will change the smell down here a little bit so I know when it's stinky or not.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm ALWAYS right. Most of the time.

And Justin has recently figured this out.

SO. One day over gmail chat, we were discussing how I ask for Justin to buy me things. I do it all the time, mostly joking. It's pretty much anytime I see something bright or shiny. Well, Justin asked me to buy him something. So I did. Here is how our conversation went:

*This chat has not been changed to portray the argument in it's entirety*
me: See how easy that was? You're like 'buy me something' and I'm like 'okay'
Justin: I have gained a lot experience watching you do it to me all these years
  thanks btw
me: You're welcome.
  All these years?
  I didn't start until we were married.
  Because that's when you stopped buying me things.
  So 2 years.
Justin: yeah all these years
me: These past two years
  All these years implies more than 3.
  Which is not the case.
Justin: plural is anything more than 1  and adam says your wrong.
me: uM NO.
Justin: how do you figure
me: Because I'm your wife.
Justin: ok fine. these past 2 years I have learrned this
me: Thank you.
  And here's a dollar.
 Pfft, I just bought you shirts! You better damn well agree with me!
Justin: yep

Pretty self explanatory. Although he didn't really agree with me, as you may or may not have gathered. A couple of nights later, Justin and I were watching The Office and Parks and Rec with my sister and her husband. When the shows were over, Justin started talking about how in one of his classes, they had a debate about few = 3 or more, and couple = 2, and Justin said, and I quote, "So these refers to 3 or more." And I said yes, and then it dawned on both of us. I started yelling about how I was right, and he was yelling about who knows what, because he was WRONG! And it wasn't even me that proved him wrong! IT WAS HIM!

That was one of the most AMAZING arguments I've ever had with my husband.

Granted, there are definitely a MILLION 'marks' that when we die and go to heaven, we need to find these and fast forward/rewind to determine who was right/wrong. I don't know if anyone else does this, but we'll be arguing about something (not in a hateful way, but more jokingly) and one of us will yell "Mark it!" and it kind of ends the argument, although there may be talk about when we're in heaven how it's going to suck to have to apologize, or who is going to be wrong more... it's super fun.