Friday, May 25, 2012

Sharing our news

I made this book for my parents for Easter. Just with pictures of all the grandkids, I think it turned out quite cute. The grandkids are all holding the number that they are in our family.

Because HOORAY! We're having a baby! 

My parents were SO cute when they were looking at the pictures. Talking about how cute they all are, and then they got to my picture, and they thought I just wanted to include myself, but then my dad gasped and asked "Are you having a baby!?" Which made my mom gasp and ask the same thing, and when I said yes, my mom just started to cry and cry. I hugged her, and she said "My baby is having a baby!" I turned and looked at my dad, and HE had a tear rolling down his face. Needless to say, I cried. But they're very excited for me! And we're excited ourselves!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A LOT of pictures - Moab 2012

 What it looked like when we got to Arches, we thought it was going to rain. Nope!
 Another shot of the weather.
 The moon.
 Zoom again. My camera is like a telescope!
 Justin in his graduation robes, since he didn't walk.
 Hiking around Arches.
 More Arches.
 There are over 2,000 arches in Arches National Park.
 We saw a few of them.
 The Windows.
 Joined up with the family.
 Jack.... he's crazy.
 My mom is funny!
 Christy and Molly.
 My parents.
 Pictures frame arch.
 The group.
 Jess found a snake, naturally.
 The snake.
 Molly flexing haha!
 Jack and Colton! thug life!
 Riding in the truck.
 Our group.
 Sorry this is sideways, but it was REALLY high up.
 Sideways again...
 Panoramic view.
 Justin and I.
 Molly wanted to hold ALL the rocks.
 Ciera, Kailey, and Brooke.
 Those one drawings on rocks.
 Here goes the stupid FEATS OF STRENGTH! Run up this rock without using your hands! Bake going.
 Adam going.
 Blake again.
 Bret bodyslamming the rock. He only got a little hurt.
 Jess trying.
 Adam again.
 Bret redeeming himself.
 Musselman Arch. Notice how Jess is hesitant... it was a little freaky.
 Then Bret jumped on Jess's back, and Jess went STRAIGHT to the ground.
 Bret laughing at how hilarious he is, Jess trying to breath.

 The guy all posing. Jess wouldn't go out any farther.
 Trevon and Braden.
 Braden, Molly, and Lori at Dead Horse Point.
 Panoramic of Dead Horse Point.
 Justin and I at Dead Horse Point.
 Molly waking up from a nap.
 Long Canyon.
 Molly jumping onto the pillows.
 The moon on the 5th, the closest it is to the Earth all year.
 Madi and I.
 Dinosaur footprints.
 Jack standing in one.
 Kinda cool.
Our whole family!