Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So I've recently been inspired. Inspired to do what you may ask... Well a few things. Mind you these are in no particular order.

So I've recently been inspired. Inspired to do what you may ask... Well a few things. Mind you these are in no particular order.

First- to make things. Easy things that never crossed my mind. Like a wreath. And a birthday board. Things that allow me to have a creative outlet. It feels good to have something come together, that comes from my hands. It may not be the most amazing thing, or the cutest thing, but it's mine. And that means a lot. Another thing that helps me relax, aside from coloring, is the action of writing. Not like stories from my mind, but quotes from other people. I have a journal that my sister gave me, and I've been filling it up for years. There's something about reading these beautiful and unique thoughts from people and then the motion of writing it out... I wish I still was in a calligraphy class. Sometimes you'll see my finger wagging around in the air, and that I because I'm writing something in the air. Usually what I'm saying, or what someone else is saying. So try not to judge.

Second- to drink more water. I have a friend that goes through a gallon a day. WHOA. I struggle getting half of a bottle down. So, now that I'm sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, I think it might be a good idea to get some water in my system. Plus, it will be good practice for when I'm pregnant* and carrying around a giant mug. It seems like a good, healthy habit. Maybe I'll even throw in a lemon, who knows?
*I'm not pregnant.

Third- be grateful for what I have. I have a great apartment, a lot of awesome shoes, jackets, and clothes. I also have a husband that loves me. A family that loves me. A puppy that loves me. I have a job that provides for my husband and I, and offers me benefits. I've got a car. Justin has a car, a job, and he is extremely smart. So honestly, how lucky am I?

These are just a few of the things that have been particularly prominent in my life as of late. But definitely not the only things. But seeing things written out, I feel like I need to prioritize a little more. Just one of those things where I'm seeing where things stand in my life, and it helps me think, "oh hey. maybe there are more important things."

And why is it so easy to take a pill everyday to make ourselves healthier, or better, but when it comes to praying or reading scriptures, it just gets harder and harder? It's almost like someone doesn't want you to take those positive steps in your life. :/

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Reunion, here we come!

So this weekend the Peterson family is having it's first reunion in.... years. Aside from the Christmas parties of course. Anyway.

We're getting together this Saturday at my mom's house. To give you an idea of how ginormous our family is... I have 4 older brothers/sisters. So, there are 5 kids total. We EACH have to bring 4 dozen cookies. Let's see. That means there will be 20 dozen. Which equals 240. That's a lot of cookies. There are probably around 100 people in my family from my grandparents down. And it just keeps growing. It's going to be a par-tay.

So I was thinking of doing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and I can hardly wait. I'm thinking that I'll just make an extra dozen for myself.

Friday, September 16, 2011

One of those things

The other day, I was so insanely ADD, that I couldn't finish anything. Which is why I'm posting this now, and not when I actually started it.

I had one thought after the other, and man alive, I couldn't organize a single one of them. At first it started with me sitting down to write a blog, and then thinking, "I really should eat a shake while I write this." So, I get up, make my shake, and then what do I do?

Go watch The Office.

20 minutes later, I put my cup in the sink, and sit down to write... yet again. But I hear a noise upstairs, and I had to talk to my sister, so I run up. I sit and talk for a minute, then head back downstairs.

I stand there for a minute trying to think of what I was going to do (which is blog) and decide I need some laundry done. Which is much more productive. So, I start a load, and sit back down to watch another episode of The Office. Speaking of The Office, I love Netflix. Best idea ever!

The moral of this story is that I had mental ADD for a night, which caused a delay on me sharing my super-exciting story with all of you!

The end.

Friday, September 9, 2011

New blogger

So I just changed to the new blogger interface, and man alive, it's how I would have done it myself. I'm SUPER glad that they finally updated. Granted, it's going to take time to figure out where everything is again, but I'll figure it out.

Moving on.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a few interviews. You may remember. One with Control4, one with The Ready Store, and then one with Stampin' Up! which all happened within a week of each other. What are the odds? All summer I don't hear anything, and then the week before my job at the elementary starts, I have 3. Say la vee. I'm fairly certain all three went well. It was kind of funny, because I knew someone on the inside at each job. I was getting updates from two of the jobs. The other job, it was more like "Oh, well if that's what they said, then usually the next step is hiring."

After praying and waiting and whatever else it took, I was offered a job at Control4. I was SO excited. More money, benefits, and a mostly woman free environment! I truly loved working at the elementary, but it will be nice not having to worry about all the women talking and talking and talking. And everything that goes in hand with that. So I accepted the job, and worked my last week at the elementary.

I'm going to miss my friends that I made at the school, I'm going to miss my little guy, and I will definitely miss the hours. But I guess this is all part of growing up... a full time job. I'm ready though. I start Monday at 9:00 AM. Then it's all downhill from there. =)

Luckily for Justin and I, we were able to get some trips out of the way before I started my new job. We went camping to the navel of Utah, Levan. It was pretty fun. My brother pulled his trailer up, and then  my other brother pulled the four wheelers down. We drove them around, and then the kids realized that they could drive them, so they drove in circles around the camp. We also had a minor mishap with our bacon. I bought turkey bacon, and we had it for breakfast on Saturday, but then come Sunday morning, when we cooked the rest of them up... they tasted like crispy nothing. Justin and I sat down, and started eating, and we're both looking at each other thinking "Uhhhmmmm, something is wrong here..." and then Justin realized that the bacon had soaked in our cooler water all night. It was in a bag that unfortunately got pushed to the bottom, and took in a bunch of water. So, there went our breakfast. Oh well.
We spent a few hours at Yuba Lake, which was my first time there. It really is a nice little lake. Not too busy. I took my dog, and the poor thing was beside himself with fear. Maybe because I dragged him into the lake with me, but who knows? But don't worry, he still loves me.

After camping, we headed to his parents cabin. As soon as we got there, I showered. And I was excited. We played some games, and watched some movies. It's always so relaxing at their cabin. We all walked down to the swings and some played horseshoes, some threw frisbees, and then there was swinging. Hahaha which reminded me of when Justin fell out of the swing when we were dating. HAHAHA! THAT was hilarious.

I finished The Help this week. Talk about a FANTASTIC book! I LOVED IT! I've heard that people don't like the ending but I'm not sure what they were expecting. The book isn't a love story, and I thought the ending suited it. Anyway, I can't wait until I go see the movie.