Monday, January 14, 2013

Feeling Really Lucky

I'm writing this on my phone, so don't judge spelling/grammar/punctuation.
Today is my 27th birthday. So crazy to me! I've never been so happy, or felt so right in all of my life. I know that I've made stupid choices in this life game before, but I feel that they have all led me to where I am now.
Married to an amazing man who loves me for who I am, weirdness and all. He provides for us, and keeps our feet on the ground.
We now have a perfect little boy that I love with all of my heart, who smiled at me today because he loves his momma!
I have a needy little puppy who has horrid breath, but I love him still.
My family is unlike any other; loud, weird, hilarious (if we're any judge), and we use "little shit" as a term of endearment. I love them, and admire them all. I definitely wouldn't be who I am now without them in my life.
I have a home that protects my little family, keeps us warm and safe.
It's safe to say that sitting here listening to my two boys snore...
I. Am. Happy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My baby

How cute is this little guy?! When I wake up, and he smiles at me like this, I almost forget that I didn't go to sleep until 1, and then woke up at 4, and again at 6...

Babies are really the only ones that are cute when they're yawning. When adults do it, you're like, "Um, could you please cover your mouth? Thanks."

I love watching Justin with him. Even though Justin doesn't know what to say to him, it's still cute. Justin is really excited for the day when Baby Keek follows him around and helps him with 'projects' around the house. 

Man oh man. I love being a mom! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pregnancy Pictures

Here's a collection of pictures that I took over the 40 weeks of being pregnant!

April 3rd- when we found out I was 4 weeks

The beginning of the pictures - 5 weeks

12 weeks, when we announced to the Facebook world.

15 Weeks

19 weeks, we found out it was a boy!

23 Weeks - no make up means no face

Then 40 weeks!