Friday, July 26, 2013


Baby Keek updates

And just to give you an idea as to how hard it was to get the 7 month pictures...

Mobile babies are to hard to control. 

Then our anniversary trip...

These were in Snow Canyon

This was Kanarraville Falls - way awesome. Highly recommend it.

Another Baby Keek update... He tried Mum-Mums. They're pretty much like foam... The pictures here tell the whole story. 

Hahahahahaha I love him

Monday, July 15, 2013


How does that happen? It's like I blink and suddenly two months have flown by.

I realize I no longer have time to get on the computer. I'm either chasing Keith around, since he's crawling and climbing up the stairs (heaven help me!) or when he's napping I'm trying to get ready, or reading, or napping myself. A lot of my free time has disappeared. I'm fairly certain I was cheated out of 'lay my baby down and he won't roll or crawl away' time. He started crawling at 6 months. 7 months he started going up the stairs. Um.. if he's walking by 8 months... you may never hear from me again.

Either way, it's been so fun. He has so much energy, which can be either good or bad. Depending on how much energy I have. Most of the time I can keep up with him, but every now and then I just want to cry I'm so tired. But Justin is an amazing help, and it's a huge blessing that he comes home at 3:30 every day. Pretty sure it's the only reason I've survived. But Keith is so funny! He loves to crawl all over me, and slobber all over everything he sees. He chases Auggie dog around the house, and thinks it's funny when Auggie licks him, or on occasion growls at him. But Auggie has been really good with him. For the most part, Auggie will just look at me with a look in his eyes that screams "Why are you letting this happen to me?! Why is this little thing still here?" But Auggie hasn't bitten him or anything like that, so I'm not worried. He just takes what Keith gives him.

Last month Justin and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We went to St. George for a couple of days, and went out hiking. It was a lot of fun. We went places that we haven't been before, which is always an adventure. We left Keith with my brother and his wife, so that was the first time we'd spent a night away from him. Kind of nice, kind of stressful. I was really excited to get home and see him.

This month was also Keith's first time to his great-grandpa Keith's cabin. It was fun, and not too hot.

We took Keith 'camping' for the first time this month. We stayed in a trailer, if you call that camping. But Justin slept in a hammock, and I slept in my sister's trailer with Keith. Not the best sleep I've ever had, but I got some.

I made homemade ice cream! I totally did! And it even turned out okay. We had our next-door neighbors come over (look at us, being all social) and had some chocolate ice cream and talked. It was nice to get to know them, seeing how we've lived here 7 months, and they're like the 2nd people I've met... the first for Justin. He's really anti-social.

It's been a busy couple of months. Sometimes I think we don't really do that much, but when I sit down and write this all out... I realize that we did a lot more than what I thought.

I'll be posting pictures later, since my camera is downstairs, and I'm upstairs. Keith is awake, so if I walk by his door, he'll see me and start crying... so it'll just have to wait.