Monday, December 31, 2012

Carrie, this is for you :)

So Carrie, I promised pictures. I finally figured out how to get them on the computer, so here you go!

BTW, Thanks Justin for helping me figure that out :)

This is the day Keith Axel Larson was born
Dec. 5th, 2012
7 lbs. 4 oz,
19 inches

Dad and his new little bud

On the way home for the first time!

 40 Weeks :)

I love his sleep smiles! 

Haha! This is such a sad picture, but it's just so cute.

He loves his naps by the fire, just like mom!

Christmas Eve, he was quite the gentleman.

Just an example of how he's taken over my life thus far.

He gets the cutest bed head. 

And he always sleeps with his mouth open wide.

Short story-
So I sent this picture out to my family saying "How cute is this little boy?" And suddenly I get a response from my brother saying "I don't know, I'm pretty cute too." He laughed and laughed and laughed... he thought it was so funny. Which it was :)

Baby Keek loves his bath time. Just not getting out of the bath.

I can't believe he's going to be a month old this week. Time sure does fly. The nights don't.... but that's okay. I love getting up to take care of my little boy. He's such a blessing in our lives! This has been such an amazing year. Seriously.... we've had so many good things happen to us! Earlier this year, I wrote this post. I talked about the changes that we'd be going through...

First: Justin graduated school! That was such a huge event for us. After years of paying for school, spending nights alone while he's in class, waiting patiently while he does homework... or impatiently (depends on who you talk to) it finally paid off! Yay! No more school! (until masters degree time. sigh)

Second: Moving. We moved from my sister's house, to an apartment, then back to my sister's, and then BAM! OUR OWN HOME! We moved in Thanksgiving weekend, and it's been amazing ever since!

Third: Justin got a job, which he loves. He's challenged at his job on a regular basis, and they're SO good to him. He's already received a raise, and he gets bonuses for being on call... it's been such a blessing for our family.... which brings me on to the fourth topic...

Fourth: FAMILY! We snuck our little guy in just in time for 2012 to wrap up. He's about to be 4 weeks old, and it feels like he's been with us forever. There are other times where it feels like it was yesterday.... then other times when it seems like he's been here forever. It's definitely a good thing. We've never been happier :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

We are a happy fam-i-ly!

On December 5th, at 1:01 AM, we welcomed baby Keith Axel Larson into our family!

It was QUITE the experience.

Tuesday night, my back had been hurting (like it had been for the past month) which I figured was because the doctor had stripped my membranes the day before, which he'd also done the Monday prior, and my thinking was that it had just left me feeling crampy. When he'd done it the first time, my back had hurt also, but nothing happened. Moving on though...

9:00 PM - I decided to take a bath which offered some sort of relief for my back. I got up out of the tub, and while walking over to the sink -splash- my water broke. I wasn't sure if it was my water or not, because I'd just been in the tub. So I ran back to the tub, and just stood in it. I text my cousin, who is a nurse in labor and delivery, and we came to the conclusion that my water had broken. At 9:30 pm, we left to go to Alta. On the way there, the contractions started. Poor Justin. He'd ask me if the temperature in the car was okay, and I'd respond with "Don't talk to me right now. I don't care." I told him how the pain was definitely similar to that of a kidney stone (yes, I'm part of that club) in the sense that there is just SO much pain, and no relief. You wiggle and adjust and move your body in hopes of finding some position that will ease the pain a little. But there is just nothing you can do. We parked at 10:00 PM, with a contraction in the parking lot, and then went up to the L&D floor. I got into a room, and they checked me out. I was a 3 and completely effaced at 10:15. They said that my water had broken, and I'd get to stay.

11:00 PM - I'd called my mom on the way to the hospital, and told her that we were on our way, and we'd call her if we got to stay or not. When they told me that I'd get to stay, Justin called my mom again and told her that this was the real deal. He told her that I was at a 3, and she said that once I'd progressed a little farther, then she'd come. Well, after getting IV's, being set up to receive antibiotics, and enduring more contractions, I finally got the epidural. Which by the way is a gift from God. It was amazing. I finally got to breathe. They checked me again a few minutes later, and I was a 7. The nurse said that things were going great, and soon I'd be pushing. I was totally surprised. Not too often do you hear of someone going in, and having things go so fast, let alone do they happen to you... so I was overjoyed. Justin called my mom, who was completely shocked, but said she was on her way and was picking up my sister.

11:45 PM - I started pushing. It's kind of hard when you can't feel anything from the waist down. But I was pushing, and soon after my doctor came in to really get things moving.

1:01 AM - My baby Keek was born! It was amazing! 3 hours of labor, and my little boy was here. I got to hold him, and love him, and enjoy becoming a mom. Which I definitely did. Then it was Justin's turn. Talk about heart warming. I loved seeing him look at Keith with nothing but love in his eyes.

2:00 AM - Baby Keek got to meet Grandma Peterson, Grandma Larson, Aunt Christy and Uncle Adam. We really have the most amazing families ever.

We were definitely in for a long night, but it was worth it!

I'll be posting more pictures later, I just need to find my cord :)