Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meal Planning - This just happened.

So while watching my current obsession, Pitch Perfect (sing to me, Jesse!), I made 6 weeks worth of meal plans! No joke. I printed a template out from here and got going. I got on pinterest and just went crazy.

It took me 1.5 Pitch Perfect views to complete this.Aca-believe it.

I'm so excited for this, we tend to hit these horrible ruts where we'll eat chicken and rice, ramen, cereal... Pizza. It's bad. The reason this was all even brought on was because we ordered pizza, and then my body rejected it with a vengeance. So no thank you, I'm off pizza for a while.

I'll be blogging about the meals later, seeing how I just wrote them all down tonight. I'll link the recipes and what not, in the occasion they sound good to whomever reads this. I'll also be adding them to my pinterest board "Pinned it, tried it, and..." Which is here.

I also noticed I have a specific taste. Cheese. Potatoes. Chicken. Broccoli. There are other things, but that's the majority. I'm kind of a picky eater... and Justin isn't a fan of lettuce wraps, or "girl food". So there's that.

It's late though, so I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The drapes!

So on the window, there is going to be a shelf, and that's going to be white as well. Then on the shelf there will be things that tie in the colors from the bed spread.
I love when things come together!

The post with all the pictures

Yes my friends, there are going to be A LOT of pictures in this post. First of all, there will be pictures of our house. Then of my baby boy. Then of my craftiness. I'm very proud of all three, in case you were wondering.

Here is the house. Please don't judge me... it's very messy. I did some master art in paint, to show the layout. Enjoy. (I didn't take pictures of the upstairs, because that was REALLY messy)

This is the kitchen (above) and the back door and table (below)

This is the hallway that leads into the family room (above) and the family room (below)

My dog was staring at my intently. So it's so messy because I'm still adjusting to being insanely tired, trying to get settled and unpacked, and figure out where everything goes. The picture on the wall that's in the window frame, that was the first thing that we hung, and we've been here two months. Sigh.

That picture was one of my crafts that I did. My friend took our pictures when I was like 7 months pregnant, and that was one of my favorites. You can't even tell that I'm pregnant. Haha. But my sister in law had given me a window frame with scrapbook paper in the panes, so I just took those out. I got the biggest size Whitney could print, and just trimmed the top and bottom a little. I think it turned out really neat!

Then one day with my sisters, we all made these letters that hang on our front doors. I think it turned out cute. But I think I'm going to cut the ribbon shorter, and add pink rick-rack to the bow. It just looks sad from the road, so hopefully that will add a little more color and life to it.

I LOVE THIS. That's Keith's hand and feet. This was not easy... The canvas is gray because I messed up the first time. They're not perfect prints, but hey... you can tell what they are! So, it spells out LOVE. Cute, huh?!

This is my bag of cute clothes from SexyModest Boutique. I highly recommend it. And yes, that's a pink fuzzy hat on the top. It was $3. I couldn't resist.

These are another craft my sisters and I did one night. We had no idea what we were doing... but they turned out cute! There used to be candy in all of them... sigh. But Like I said, we still haven't hung everything in our house (hence the WTFork picture propped against the wall). But we got these from The Wood Connection and had a lot of fun doing them. My brother in law actually ended up gluing them all, since he's a perfectionist, we thought he was perfect for the job.

AAAAANNNNNDDDDDD Last week I made drapes! The ruffle kind! I feel SO accomplished. It was an idea that I found online (after seeing the ones on the dressing room doors in SexyModest, I wanted some in my room) and then an pin that I saw on pinterest. I feel quite good about how they turned out. I'll post the pictures in a minute, because they're on my phone... and it's kind of hard to get pictures from my phone on to the computer... so they'll have a post all to themselves!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not a morning person

But seriously. Look at this kid! Who could get mad waking up early to this?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Two Months

Well, time has done it again! Slipping right through my fingers like it's no big deal. Well time, IT IS! My baby is already two months old. I'm not sure how it happens so fast. And how he changes so much without me noticing.

-As I am typing this, he's sleeping in the bassinet next to me, and he just laughed in his sleep. Full on laugh. We haven't even been able to get him to do that yet! Ahh, what is he dreaming??-

So with two months came the check up, and the shots. I was so nervous. I was worried that he'd cry and then I'd cry because he was, and that he'd cry the whole way home, and I'd be a huge mess because I felt so bad... so I made Justin go with me. I needed the moral support since Keith had never really cried out of pain before, I wasn't sure what to expect. Really I didn't have to worry, because he was a champ. When the first shot went in, it took him a moment to register that it had hurt really bad, and then his whole head turned red, and he started crying. But by the time he started crying, the shots were done, and we picked him up. After a few more sniffles, he was fine! That definitely made it easier on me. I didn't feel so bad, even though the shots are for a good reason.

I'd post his stats, but I can't remember them, and they're on a paper downstairs. And I'm too lazy to go down there and get them. So next time.

Along with the stats, I'll post a picture of my cutie. And the cute craft I made. I got a small canvas, and the letters L and E in wood. So, on the canvas I glued the L, then did Keith's hand print (which is supposed to be the O) and then did his two feet for the V, and then glued on the E. So it spells out love using his hand and feet. It's so cute! I'm planning on doing it with all of my kids, using different colors. Hopefully I don't forget. Haha

Friday, February 1, 2013

Quiet Friday Night

Lately our Friday nights have consisted of pizza, a movie or TV show on Netflix, our little boy, and each other. Honestly, it's been a lot of fun. Who knows how much longer we'll have times like these? Before we get busy with other kids, or with activities, or really anything... so we choose to just relax and take it all in.

My baby is almost two months... WHAT? How does this happen? Then again... how am I 27? I keep forgetting how old I am. I still feel like I'm 23. As if that's young...

So I've been trying something new as of late, in regards to birth control. I haven't used birth control in about 2 years... so when my doctor asked me, he mentioned the patch and I thought "Hey why not? I can remember once a week!" So I went and picked them up. Put one on this last Sunday... I hate it! It's so itchy and it's gotten stuck to my underclothes... so back on to the pill I go. I'm a creature of habit. I'm not sure why I try new things :(