Justin + Tracee = LOVE

Once upon a time...

Justin and I actually met during my sophomore year in high school. He dated my friend. Haha. So, naturally, we hung out, got to spend some time with each other- as friends. They only lasted for about a month or two, and then they were no more. Since we were already friends, I'm sure there was a "hi" in the hall here and there... but nothing more than that. Justin graduated in 2003, and I graduated in 2004. That same year (2004) Justin went on his mission to Eugene, Oregon and I went to school in St. George. We were both gone for 2 years, him on his mission of righteousness, and me on my mission of sin- hahaha!

-Flash forward two years-

Justin got home July 6, 2006, and I followed shortly. I started working almost immediately at 1-800-Contacts, which turned out to be like high school all over again. There were A TON of people that I'd gone to school with that worked there. One of those people turned out to be one of Justin's friends. Well, I started to hang out with him, and one of the times we hung out was at the Belgian Waffle where Justin and I were lucky enough to reunite, but this time I was dating HIS friend. 'The Friend' and I kind of figured out it wasn't going to work out, so the hanging out stopped. So did my sightings of Justin. 

-Flash forward two more years-

In a moment of utter despair, I made myself a Facebook page. I was trying to move on in my life, and get the ball rolling with other things. I don't remember who requested who, but I do remember he wrote on my wall June 25, 2008 "Tracee, you're alive? Where have you been?" and it was all down hill from there. At least in my version it is. Justin may or may not have a different version where after about 4 months of dating, I had to take a break for personal reasons. Neither of us really like to talk about it... so we leave it out. 

On 03/06/09 we took a very big step. Justin proposed. His friends were handling the ring business for us, so when one of them sent a text saying the ring wasn't ready, I believed it. We had just eaten at China Chef's and we decided to go to Target to cheer me up. Justin bought me a 'promise hat' since I wouldn't be getting my ring. After Target, Justin took me to Hollywood Video (R.I.P.) and told me to rent whatever I felt like. Big spender, I know. Since I was so upset about NOT getting my ring, I chose The Grudge 1 & 2. Oh well. We went back to Justin's house and started the movies. After the first movie, Justin was all shaky and what not, and I just assumed he was scared (such a girl). Before putting in the 2nd movie, Justin told me that he'd put together a slide show, and he wanted me to see it. In my head I was thinking, "Who the devil puts together a slide show?" But he brought down a dvd, and we sat and started watching. It was 9 minutes long! That's how many pictures we have together! He'd made it really nice, put some songs on it, and it was really fun. We were laughing, and talking and enjoying our time together. Then, a picture came up that said "Tracee I love you!" And I said "Aw, cute!" The next picture said 'will' then 'you' then 'marry' then 'me?' and that's about when I pushed him off the couch and yelled "LIAR!" He had hidden the ring right behind my head, on the end table. I'm not observant in the least. But he proposed. And I said yes.

And then they lived happily ever after. 

So now that we're into the happily every after part of our story, I think it's time to add WHY it's so happy. On April 3, 2012, we found out that we're expecting! As exciting as that was, it was still very scary. Living in a one bedroom apartment and having Justin be in school, we weren't sure how it was going to work out. On July 13th, 2012 we found out that our little alien was a boy! Justin was SO excited. Not only was he passing on the Larson name, he would have someone to watch football with! I can't lie, I wanted a girl, but I was so excited to know that my kids would have the 'older brother' that I loved having. Keith Axel Larson is due Dec. 8th, and we're still on the road to feeling ready, but we're getting there! 

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