Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Funnest Week Ever

I got to spend a week with this stinker, and it was the best week ever!

All of my family (except for Justin, Molly, and I) went to Disneyland. The happiest place on Earth. SIGH. Since Justin and I are saving for a house/baby, we felt the best choice for us was to not go. It was a hard choice, and it took a lot for me to be okay with it... but honestly, how much fun could 3 days of Disneyland be for a 6 month pregnant lady? My feet swell enough as it is, I don't think walking around all day would help that at all. But in the end, I got over it, and Molly REALLY helped with that. She's such a fun little girl. SOOOO cute, with her dang dimples! There were plenty of times where she'd smile at me, and I'd melt. I guess that's what being an aunt is about. I don't have to tell her no! :)

These two pictures are from Day 1. She is so stinking funny! She loves to make faces and be silly, which is good because I do too.

Day 2: It's surprising how hard it is to keep her clothed. But she loved the blankie dress Justin made for her!

We went on a walk, and the sunset was QUITE pretty.

Then we found a giant spider on our wall. NOT AWESOME.

Day 3: The car and slide came! She had SO much fun with it. It was so funny watching her do it over and over and over.

This was pretty much every night.

Yet again, making faces. 

Like I said, every night.

Then she learned how to make this face come Day 5, I think it was...

Molly: "I want go outside!"
Tracee: "I want to finish my dinner!"
Molly: See picture

And then at some point Justin got my phone, and there were about 10 pictures of him making different faces...

Day 6: We went to the park, and got Chili's to eat there. I got Molly the quesadilla, but she just wanted the celery. Really, she just wanted the ranch. She took maybe one bite of celery, spit it out, and continued to scoop the ranch out with the celery, and lick it off. Then finally just started licking the cup. 

I think Max got a bit of separation anxiety, because he was SO snuggly. He wanted to be right by me, all the time.

I have the cutest video of Molly in the tub, but for some reason I can't upload it :( The dogs would lick the side of the tub, just licking the water off, so Molly started to do it, and thought it was hilarious. So Max was licking, and she'd lick, then laugh hysterically, then lick, then laugh even harder... it was cute.

It was SUCH a fun week. If it's possible, I got even more excited to be a mom. If I love my niece that much, how is it going to be when it's my own? I know there will still be hard times, but he'll be mine!

Monday, October 1, 2012


So I'm officially 30 weeks.

I passed the glucose test. (Whew, that drink was not my favorite.)

We're going to go register for baby tonight. YAY! Although Justin did specify that he gets to hold the scanning gun.

Baby is moving all the time. I like it though. Although every now and then it hurts. Haha.

Waiting to hear from the mortgage guy is like watching paint dry. It's taking forever.

My appointments are down to every 2 weeks, which makes me feel like we have no time to get ready.  Baby, you better not come early.

Here's to hoping that things work out!