Friday, July 29, 2011

don't even worry.

I have pink eye.
What am I five?!? I remember friends getting this when we weren't even old enough to go to school!! Honestly!!
So that means that I get to disinfect my house from top to bottom. Goodie.
Also, the eyedrops leave a DISGUSTING taste in my mouth.


Along with pink eye, I went to the dermatologist on Thursday because, lucky me, I have 'flat warts' all over my left leg. So, a couple of weeks ago the doc put an ointment on my hip, which then swelled and scanned and itches like mad. Then when I went back on Thursday, they put the same ointment on all the little devils. I'm having flashbacks of my hives 2.5 years ago. The itch is driving me MAD!

So all in all, best weekend ever!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

What The Face

So this last weekend (July 24th weekend) Justin and I took my niece and nephew to Fairview. Since we live with them, it wasn't any big deal. They're great kids, so we weren't worried. Madi and Trevon were really respectful and obedient. Justin and I did learn that when you're packing food, and you think you have enough... double it. We definitely ran out of drinks the last day, even though we got 2 boxes of capri suns, and a case of water... oh well. Lesson learned. It was a fun weekend though. We went to the parade and watched some movies on the projector. My mom bought some arrows and got my brother's bows out, and everyone played with them. It was really fun.

But I realized something. I used to take pictures ALL THE TIME. I mean, a lot. I just really like having pictures to remember things with. But for some reason, which I haven't quite worked out yet, I don't take pictures anymore. I don't know if it's because I want a better quality camera, or I am too lazy, or what... but I don't. It kind of makes me sad. Justin claims I still take a lot of pictures... but I had my camera with me this weekend, and I didn't take one picture! What the face?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Grandpa is home. Doing fantastic.

And breathe.

On to other news.
I've been finding out that being the bigger person is LE SUCK. It's amazing how it comes at me from all the different aspects of my life. Like
A- Friends. Time after time... I guess that's just what happens. Grow up, forgive and forget... I guess.
B- Co-Workers. It's funny how you can think that you know something and then the next second, everything you thought you knew is flipped turned upside down. (Thank you fresh prince) So on I go with life, choosing to not say anything.
C- Church. Yes, church. Alas, no one is perfect.

So, I must act my full 25 years, and move on with life. And not be spiteful. Which boy o boy, that's HARD. I'm quite spiteful. Sometimes mean. So, bite my tongue, my nails, my gum, whatever, so as to not say anything that might offend. Hah.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh grandpa

Just get better. Remember this? Well, last night my grandpa started having heart problems. I'm not positive on all the details, but I do know that he had an ambulance take him to the hospital last night. And he had a pacemaker put in. And his body went into shock. He currently has a breathing tube in, and because they're so uncomfortable, they're sedating him. He should come out of it hopefully tonight, or tomorrow.

It just doesn't make any sense, because my grandpa is so dang healthy! My mom and I were joking just last week that he's almost too healthy. Well, that just goes to show you that it doesn't hurt to have some deliciousness along the way.

Well, on a side note, but related to my grandpa...
For some reason, in my family, we have runny noses. Anything can trigger it. We laugh, it runs. We eat, it runs. Slightly cold out? It runs. Sneeze, run. Look to the left, it runs. A cloud floats by, it runs. And mine is running now. My grandpa had a surgery to help his. Maybe one day...

This is something that ALWAYS makes me happy. It can make me cry it's so pretty. Music is the key to my heart. The back story on this clip from Glee- Kurt (in the white outfit) leaves the school his boyfriend is at. His boyfriend is the main singer and he's singing him this song as a goodbye.

And then one that still makes me happy, but not in a teary way...

THEN! If you know scrubs at all... this is just hilarious.

Glee has a tendency to push it as far as it can go, and then a little farther, which I'm not a fan of. BUT the music is amazing! The dancing can be pretty fantastic too. And then Scrubs... just makes me laugh. Pretty much one of my favorite shows. Along with Supernatural. So I recommend them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Okay okay.

So, after much deliberation, I decided to add the picture of the 'All Seeing Eye' to allow you to see the creativity that oozed from within my soul.

Yes. This is me. One of my shameless ideas to make money. My dad thought that it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. Why was I not out playing like most kids? I don't know. I had a box, and I used it. Now that I've found the website mentioned in the previous post, I'm sad I never thought of doing those things. 

Moving on.
This past week my mom and I went to St George. My parents own a condo there, and they decided to rent it out. So everything had to be taken out, and cleaned. We were buuusssyyyyy. When we got down there, the temperature inside of the condo was 89 DEGREES! And the carpets had just been cleaned, so it was muggy. I turned the air on STAT. Gradually, the condo got down to about 74. It felt GREAT. My mom and I got there Tuesday night, and we cleaned Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We took a load of things my mom didn't want to the D.I. and we moved what we could into the main room so it would be easier for my dad and brother to load when they got there. Jess and my dad arrived Thursday night in a big moving truck. Then on Friday, it was my cousin's wedding. My parents went to the temple that morning, and Jess and I hung out watching TV. When my mom and dad got back, my mom and I went to the luncheon, and Jess and my dad started loading all the furniture into the truck. Later that day, Christy and Adam and their kids met us at Breck's reception. I'm so happy for my cousin! He met a BEAUTIFUL girl. I hope they're really happy. They deserve it!

After the reception, my mom decided to take us all on this little hike to see petroglyphs, or hieroglyphs... whatever they're called. As we're walking along, we're all looking at this ginormous dark cloud heading our way that looked QUITE foreboding. So we kind of picked up the pace. When we got to the carvings, it was sprinkling a little bit, and then lightening, so we decided to head back. On the way back, the lightening was getting worse. Christy and Adam and their kids ran ahead, and Jess and I had our cameras taking videos because it was CRAAAZY. We were just kind of strolling along, and then BAM! Lightening hit behind us, and we all started running. It was a ways away, but close enough that we took off. When we got to the cars, we got in, and about 60 seconds later, it started to POUR. Big huge drops. It was a lot of fun just sitting there and watching it. 
This is a video of all the lightening we were running through
The pretty sunset before the storm

 This is the dark cloud heading our way

 Hiking around in the dark

This was when we got into the car. Jess and I.

 My family in the garage

 The family with me

 Madi was taking pictures

We headed home, and were just hanging out in the garage. Watching the rain. It was really coming down! Ciera Madi and I ran down to my grandparents condo to see what they thought, and then we ran back so we were soaking. In the garage, we have a ball hanging from the ceiling to show how far you can pull in. Well.... my family being my family... we made a game of it. The game was called "Don't Flinch" and what you do is measure how close the ball is, and then throw it around the circle and you can't move. Hahahaha I don't know. Then Adam threw a curve ball, and told us all to take a step to the right without measuring, and then we threw it... pretty sure that every time my dad took a ball to the face. All in all, it was a really fun week. We only went swimming a couple of times. 

 After we'd run around in the rain

Hahahaha this is our game!

 Pre-dadgettinghitintheface shot

 Jess not flinching

 Madi still taking pictures