Man Zone

Tracee was gracious enough to let me have a tab on "our" blog. I decided to blog about my experiences of modifying our Jeep. This page will track my progress as I build our 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.  

First thing I did was paint the Wheels. Graphite. If I ever do this again I will get them sand blasted instead of sanding them by hand. I felt like a cripple after. 
Sanded and Cleaned

3 coats of  Duplicolor Wheel coating,Graphite and 2 layers of clear coat.

Took it to Moab the next weekend.  
Total Time: 8hrs
 Mileage 132,000 
Cost $80 ($40/paint $40/sander) 
I also changed the Rear Brake Pads  
Time: 2hrs 
Cost $50 
The next modification was a Rola Roof Basket. I had to get cross bars first, thanks KSL and Rob and Shana. Then I bought the rack off of Etrailer and waited a week.

Installed Cross Rails and Roof Basket.  
Install time 1hr 
Cost: $75/cross rails 
$187/Rola Roof Basket 

The next thing on my list was a lift and tires but alas that dream will have to wait awhile. So for now I will settle by doing some simple modifications. The first of which is painting the grill to match the wheels and adding chrome mesh inserts. 

Before. Sorry about the lighting. 

The During. Crappy black plastic inserts removed and one layer of paint. 

The After. Grill is graphite with the chrome mesh inserts.

Install time: 4hrs
Cost: $8
Cheap modification since I already had the paint. 

Well it has been awhile but this next upgrade was worth it. Finally got the Lift and Tires on.


So we took 2" BDS Coils

Skyjacker Shocks

Falken Rocky Mountains 245/75r16


All in all we are sitting almost 4" higher than we were before and it looks a little manlier and less stationwagony. 

Cost: Lets not talk about it!
Install Time: 6hrs

In the mail is a new Transfer Case Skid Plate, hopefully it gets here before we go to Moab this weekend.