Monday, October 14, 2013

Snow globes

I love snow globes. I only have a few, but I think they're just so fun and pretty and I could watch every piece of glitter settle to the bottom.

Well, for Mother's Day, Justin got me a Sleeping Beauty snow globe, which is WAY awesome. I love it. He knew I wanted it because it's on my Amazon Wish List. -anything we want, we put on there, and that way around Christmas and birthdays we're not pestering each other with 'what do you want' question- Well I was looking for some more snow globes to put on my wish list, and since The Little Mermaid is my favorite, I was searched for Ariel snow globes.

Who would have thought that The Little Mermaid -who literally lives in water (snow globes are FULL of water!) are so hard to find! There were some small cheap ones on Amazon, the same ones on the Disney website... and after googling, they only had ones that were no longer available.


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